Team 1711 would like to thank our generous sponsors for everything they do for us. Their thoughtful contributions are put to use by all of our members and their respective tasks. The majority of the team’s financial and material resources are utilized during the build season to not only construct a robot that competes, but allows all our members to build valuable skills such as teamwork and collaboration. Everyone on our team contributes to finding sponsors; from volunteering at the Ice Man bike race to hosting Super Science Saturday, an interactive science fair for children in our communities. We also have gone into our community to obtain sponsorships from a multitude of diverse local businesses. The RAPTORS have formed strong bonds with sponsors due to their continued support and interest in what our team accomplishes and stands for. The increasing number of FRC teams in the Traverse City area has caused it to become increasingly difficult for us to gain sponsors, leading to our continuing quest for donations from our community.

Become A Sponsor

To thank our much-appreciated sponsors, team 1711 gifts them with unique sponsors button to show off their generosity. Along with this, we write, sign and send each of our sponsors thank you letters from the team. The more generous donations receive their logo or name on our team shirts, and even a get chance for their name on the robot. 

RAPTORS Team 1711

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