Robotics Team 1711, the RAPTORS, are a nationally competitive FIRST robotics team based in Traverse City, Michigan. The team prides themselves on their relentless commitment to community outreach, tireless work ethic and inspiring initiatives. The RAPTORS, fundamentally, are about more than just a robot; the team is built upon a unique atmosphere that goes beyond machining and coding. The RAPTORS are about encouraging innovation in all academic pursuits and fostering a culture that supports all learning endeavors.


Over the summer...

September 25, 2019

Hey fellow RAPTORS! Welcome to the first blog post of the new season! While we anxiously wait for kick off, let me update you on what happened over the summer. First, we started with the LEAN Summit event at Grand Traverse Resort in June. We set up a display where we could talk to people about the robot and the many aspects of our team. Some people got to experience driving the previous season's robot. RAPTORS are always honored to be invited to this event every year. Next, the RAPTORS volunteered at the National Cherry Festival in the Kid's Fest tent where we provided visitors with the opportunity to drive the kit-bot (small robot usually used for outreach events). We also volunteered at the Film festival which is a great opportunity for the RAPTORS to connect with our community. We wrapped up the summer helping the Rotary Club with Backpack For Kids.  Summer is over but our next season is gearing up with lots of volunteer events and Infinite Recharging  for the new Robotics season.

Muskegon District Tournament!

March 27, 2019

Our time at Muskegon has come and gone, and the RAPTORS had strong participation! We may not have gotten first or second place, but we did help out lots of teams there as well as getting the Entrepreneurship Award. Our robot also underwent some serious upgrades throughout the tournament, and we look forward to seeing how our team performs at Traverse City!

Competition Season

March 12, 2019

Welcome to our first blog post of 2019 competition season! It has been a while since the last blog post and a lot has happened since the last week of build season. Our new RAPTORS logo wear, buttons, and car decals have all arrived and look great. Great job media team! Build team prior to bag day has found a design flaw with the center or gravity, but reviewed after bag day and has found a solution to the problem. They have also chosen the 2019 pit team with a whopping two underclassmen which is more than normal. The build room has been set up for the pit crew to get a feel for the competition pit layout. Not much information on the Entrepreneurship award but it has been finished which looked to be a long and tedious process. The safety team has the presentation ready for competition and has most of the team rules figured out. It is approximately four days until our first competition in Muskegon and we hope to see you there! That is a wrap for the events since build season and we will hope to see you next time after the first competition with a summary of the trip.

Week Six Update

February 16, 2019

On this final week of build season, everyone has been working at 110% to get things done! ...Including ignoring homework for Robotics, which is something we don’t recommend. All that hard work has produced some fantastic results, including an awesome-looking robot! I hope that those reading this are excited to see the RAPTORS’ robot in action as much as I am to show you. Currently, our robot is spending more time in the programming room than the build room so that our programming team can test changes and additions to the code immediately. We’re in the homestretch now and we are optimistic about finishing in time for Bag Day. In addition, every part of the t-shirt has now been finished and the media team is simply waiting for all the orders to come in before getting them printed. In other media news, our RAPTORS bags and water bottles have come in and they look fantastic! A big shout-out to our sponsors Bowerman, Bowden, Ford, Clulo & Luyt, P.C., Attorneys & Counselors at Law for paying for the water bottles! This will help RAPTORS find each other in crowds at competitions while also giving us a unique look. That the end of this update, but look out for another update before our fist competition.

Week Five Update

February 09, 2019

Once again, several snow days this week have put a serious damper on our progress, but the RAPTORS are still going strong! This update will be shorter as a result, but fans can be confident that the build team is still on track to finish by Bag Day. In fact, most of the robot has been built at this point (some pictures would be posted here, but Build Team has requested for images of the robot to not be posted until Bag Day). There are still some issues to perfect, but it’s nothing our capable build team can’t handle while programming continues to write code for the robot’s important functions. On the media side of things, we have almost finished compiling our long list of sponsors this year for the back of team t-shirts. There have also been talks between communications and media of what we want to do for the Chairman’s video now that the essays have been submitted. TLDR: The snow days were unfortunate but every team is still making steady progress and we are all excited to see the fruits of our labors come Bag Day. All we have to do is keep our fingers cross that winter storms don’t hit us during Week 6!

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